Custom Closets From Closet America: The Perfect Fit For Your Life

How much time do you spend rummaging through your closet, because the item you need just isn’t where you thought it was, and certainly not where it should be? For most people, the answer to that question is: too long. At Closet America, we want all our clients to answer “no time at all.” For our customers in and around Washington DC, the Baltimore/Annapolis area, and the Northern Virginia region, we provide custom-designed and precision-crafted closet organization systems that help them get what they need and get on with their days. 

Our custom closet systems are designed with your specific space in mind. Our design experts travel to your home, and talk to you about what you need, and what the goal for your closet space is. The solution we design maximizes whatever closet space you have, whether it is a compact reach-in or a massive walk-in. We design it using 3D-rendering, so you can see exactly how the solution will look in your closet, and can approve of what you are getting before we individually machine your custom design and install it.

Depending on your space and your needs, we start with custom shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. Then we add smart accessories that organize shoes, belts, ties, laundry, and jewelry as needed. You can even include a hidden ironing board. Each closet organization system is crafted individually in our local Maryland factory, expertly assembled in your home, and backed by our transferable double-lifetime warranty.

Our custom closet systems are perfect for:

  • Parents hoping to keep their kids’ rooms more organized

  • Busy professionals with wardrobes for work and play

  • Older adults who are downsizing homes and need a way to organize their possessions in a new place

  • Crafters and hobbyists who need special designs for their collections

  • Anyone looking to minimize clutter, maximize space, and enhance the beauty of their home.

Reach-In or Walk-In Closets

At Closet America, we know that the sizes and shapes of closets in the region are as unique as the people who live here. We specialize in both:

  • Walk-in Closets: From a small walk-in for the kids to the large space in the master suite, we can make these closets even more luxurious with islands, counters, shelving, and more.

  • Reach-in Closets: Using items like valet rods, adjustable shoe racks, and wardrobe lifts, we can make any reach-in seem spacious and efficient.

If you’re in the busy Baltimore/Annapolis, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia region, and need a custom closet to make your home as neat and as efficient as your life, connect with us today to find out more. We’re looking forward to working with you!